SimplyFit Bootybands (White-Gray-Black)

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Set includes:

  • 3 Medium-sized Bands (with different resistance) 38cm L x 8cm W
  • Multi-Purpose Neoprene bag 
  • Non-slip Grip
  • Premium Fabric Material
  • Unique Stretch Technology

Key features:

  • Designed and manufactured with the strongest materials on the market so you won't have to worry about it breaking or snapping on you.
  • The #SimplyFitBands are made from quality cotton fabric with a double layer of grip on the inside. This means they will never roll up and will stay where it should.

  • Comes with a neoprene multi-purpose bag, so you can take it with you anytime, anywhere.

What makes the #SimplyFitBands special?

Well let's be honest, all awesome people have one!

These #SimplyFitBands have been designed by Fitness Vlogger, SimplyPinay (The #1 Healthy Lifestyle Channel in the Philippines) with the ideal resistance to activate & stimulate your muscles, which makes it good for all fitness levels - so you can easily tailor your workouts depending on your strength and ability.

Your muscles are automatically stimulated when you put on the band and apply tension, which enhances muscle activation throughout your workout.

The workout options are endless with our #SimlyFitBands! Whether you're a gym-goer or at home exerciser, you will love the benefits of incorporating our resistance band into your workouts to isolate specific areas and add variety to your workouts. The #SimplyFitBands are the perfect tool for all your glute activation exercises to get those real booty gains.

Oh! and did we mention, you no longer need to worry about the band slipping down or riding up? The #SimplyFitBands are made from quality cotton fabric with a double layer of grip on the inside, so it stays where it should.

The #SimplyFitBands are so light and compact you can take them anywhere you go so you can get in shape or stay in shape.